Today News Construction stop for Delhi Air Pollution – Delhi Gov.

Every year around middle of Nov. when the wind speed is very slow and stubble burning started in neighbouring states adding pollution in Delhi environment which is already high in Delhi, Delhi becomes a gas chamber. During this period the air quality is so bad that Delhi becomes like a hell and not a place to live.

Due to its large number of vehicle, construction, thermal plant,using coal in tandoor, burning of wastes, etc. Delhi is already facing air pollution around the year.  We are not in a position to completely control it but taking some steps we can reduce it. In this period Delhi Government try to curb  pollution by implementing odd even date for plying of vehicle, shutting down thermal plant, imposing fine on waste burring, sprinkling water on main roads, ban on construction and some other steps.

But even after taking so many steps air pollution was beyond control of government. If we want to make Delhi safer we all have to take some steps such as go for using car-pooling, try to use public transport, plant as much tree as we can, keep  plant in our home such as money plant, areca palm and mother in low tongue as these plant absorb pollution,  sprinkle water outside our house on road so that dust particle settle down and any other thing which we can do to reduce air pollution.

This is our Delhi and we have to take care of it as we all have to live here.

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