Tips For Dark Mehandi On Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth festival become on Sunday, October 8 this year. Indian females fast without food and water for their husband’s endless health and well-being. On this ladies’s do the 16 singar to seem pretty including saree, mehandi, jewellery, earring, bangles and many other stuff. Mehndi called a shubh to martial females without mehndi any ritual program does not think as a ‘shubh’. Karva Chauth Mehandi Design in Delhi  While most women want that dark color because of how it seem that, there’s also an myth, that the darker the color of mehandi on a women’s hand – the deeper is her better half’s love for her.

Here are some tips to dark your mehendi and get the perfect colour:

These homemade items may enable you to get a dark color. Rather than utilizing color or other chemical mixed mehandi, try using these items to dark it naturally and long lasting with Best Mehandi Artist in Delhi.

Sugar and Lemon Juice -> After the putting mehandi design on your hand, you should apply sugar and lemon juice with the cotton on the hand after it get dry. It help to make dark color due to his sticky glue, it does not operate quickly.


Say No to Water-> If you want to get a darker colour and long lasting mehandi, don’t ever wash it right away. Hold up till its dry and simply rub it both of your palms together and let it fall off or you can also use butter knife.

Clove Steam-> When mehandi dries, take 10 to 15 cloves on the tawa or pan & roast it. Let hang your hand on tawa and steam them. This will turn out to be rare the mix and moreover highlight the color of the henna.

Apply Vicks on Mehandi Hand-> Resulting to leaving the mehandi on for a sufficient time, rub your hands together till all the got bits fall dry. By then apply some Vicks or Tiger balm to your hands afterward wear gloves or socks. This will make your mehandi will end up darker.

Turn Up The Heat With Mustard Oil-> After leaving the mehandi, you can apply mustard oil to your mehandi area. This is a heaty oil which will make your mehandi darker and more extraordinary.

Avoid Waxing and Scrubbing-> In case you have to do body waxing or scrubbing, don’t put mehandi designs before because the scarf or wax, after applying it, starts reducing the shade of the henna mehandi.

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