It’s called real happiness

Today i would like to share my some experience what i have in my small age. After expending some days with my family i realized the actual happiness. Today’s most of people think that if you have money, you will be happy and without money you can’t live a happy life. Yaa I’m also think that it’s right in most of cases but not always. Yess! believe me it’s right i can give you many of examples: i see many people who are very wealthy, they have everything when you talk about luxuries or etc but after all that they aren’t happy some of them suffering from their health and some are from their family issues like their sons and daughters don’t want to live with them and etc.. etc.

And if i talk about other side i see many peoples who don’t have their own house they spending their nights in footpath but they are very happy and it’s not a story yesterday when i returning to my home about 8pm i see some families who lives in footpath in their small temporary home which was made by some old sades they were talking with family and enjoying with their children after seeing that i realized that what is actul happiness.
It’s not mean that i ignoring the money but i would like to told you that everything has their own importance so be happy for all that what you have. Stop thinking that money is only the solution of every problem even wealthy persons also have their own problems
So always try to be happy & stop giving so much importance to money  because you can earn money but not time. So try live happy in your present time with every simgle moment.

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