Incredible Geographical Diversity in India

India is only country with unbelievable geographical diversity together with plurality in society,language,religion,culture and ethnicity.It is a country of second largest human resources of the world with a population of more than 1210 million(2011) people supporting nearly 17.5% of the world’s population.India has rich geographical diversity by following characteristics:-

1.Northern Himalayan mountain incorporates typical land use jhum and unique trans human practice together with cultural groups.

2.Two coasts of the Peninsula with rich biodiversity,estuaries and backwater ecosystem.

3.Diverse humid arid climates,varied rainfall and related production system.

4.Plateau characterized by steppe to savanna and humid meso-thermic forests.

5.Indus-Ganga-Brahmputra alluvial plains in north exhibiting as jajmani system which means traditional unique socio economic interaction.

6.Delta in the coastal regions of the eastern sea with typical mangroves and wetlands.

This characteristics shows that India has unique and incredible geographical diversity.

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