• Are you also one of them who is thinking that I don’t get sufficient salary or my income is not increasing with time.
    If yes! then it’s blog for you i would like to told you one thing that you or everyone get what he deserve for. Yes it’s true! I would like to give you a example. In your company or profession there is one person who get paid haigh and the intersting thing is that he also work for same hours or for same times as you and other employees work. Then why he paid high and you’re not. Try to understand this thing. This difference is for that because he has much knowledge and productivity from you and he deserves for this. when you have knowledge as he has you also earn high as he.So try to improve your productivity or knowledge income automatically improve. Sometimes people says that it means we always learn and they think that school is the end of learning but in reality school is the starting of learning not the end. You can’t improve your position or income without improving yourself.                     
    So always be prepared for learning new things or skills because everyone gets what he deserve for.

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