करवा चौथ स्पेशल मेहंदी डिज़ाइन

Women are touted as more stylish and dynamically when it comes to looking trendy and presentable on special occasions like Karva Chauth. Moreover, there isn’t generally any woman who can deny the interest for this charming Indian beauty art.


The truth of husbands’ desire from their wives to look gorgeous in all possible ways cannot be denied. So, to cause themselves appear more attractive and different from regular days, it has reliably been set- perhaps since the beginning of civilization, that women must beautify their hands and feet during Karva Chauth. This brilliant and rosy maroon art commands the attention of hubbies and different people around. The more it grabs people’s attention, the more it becomes appealing to put on.

Always remember apply mehandi before 1 day Karwa chauth. Before applying henna reliably wash your hands with cleanser and water. If you have smooth skin then you can also use alcohol based cream, and to get the dark color on your hands you can apply mehendi oil as well. So let’s check out our Mehandi deigns collection which is trendy yet stylish and perfect pick for Karva chauth.


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