What is the uniqueness of your water device?

The leeyos oxy water device spiral flow form stimulate the natural movement of water and creates a powerful tornedo like motion which allows oxygen and minerals to be absorbed easily into the water molecules. this process also breaks down the large water molecule into micro cluster which change the structure of molecule of water.

our product not only sustain good result with water but the water we provide by our new method of purification proves to be very healthy for our body and also has good bod level and almost all the minerals that our essential for our body.

our method of purification does not reduces any tds of water hence good quality of water remains intact. and moreover our method of purification promotes zero wastage of water. and since we are facing a huge problem in shortage of drinking water so this add on advantage with such good results of purification gives us the cutting and clearly shows how unique is our technology and how our device can make a huge difference in the water purofocation industry.

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