The Folk Tales – Rajasthan

Jodhpur : Rajasthan International Folk Festival

More than a Music lovers venue, I would rather call it a paradise for Nature lovers.

Deep dark moonlit night – cool breeze and a Sheet of stars – Music through the night…

….Indeed a Galaxial experience.

A perfect ray of sunrise to pamper your sleepy eyes and you wake up to realise…

…You slept on an open terrace over the top of an ancient Fort with no mosquitoes to bother you !

A heart strumming stringing music through traditional instruments pierce through the Sunrise…

Sunset in a jungle…but Music continues to hymn your soul….

For party lovers you have an international level Dj night with super hot damsels dancing around in trance and high…not in a club rather open air lounge inside a historical surrounding.

Drinks to cheers too…No body judges you here…You can just be what you have always want to be

Extremely secure and safe in the midst of tight security. Booze n dance as much as you wish to – nobody even dares to eye your beloved !!

Its an annual event happens every year during October in Jodhpur (Rajasthan)

Too reasonable tickets to mention here…starts at 300/- per person.

You can book tickets online beginning September !!

Its a grand youthful Folk/Fusion/Dj party experience with celebrities playing for you…You can just sit wherever you want…Amazing experience indeed.



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