Air pollution – An Interruption of Breathe

The NCR’s pollution level increases day by day.Every years smog arising from industries,and motor vehicle emissions increase the Air Quality Index(AQI) of Delhi to hazardous level of 450 on the month from october to december.The AQI of Delhi goes back to the level of 101-200 on the other month.This is unhealthy for sensitive groups.

Indian government never try to control this pollution which is at dangerous level to human being.This is alarming level of pollution and government should take an action immediately to control pollution.Because this pollution will affect our economy also.According to The Hindu article the economic loss for India in last five years due to exposure of crop burning is about 1.7% of the country’s GDP. Goverment should take steps to plan out long term solution.

My friends I want to say that think once again that this is not our environment,this is our home and how we behave in our room you know very well….Just think only once.Our environment is so beautiful.Make it neat and clean.I guarantee all of you will make definitely a happy and healthy life and live long for your family.


What is current pollution level in Delhi?
R.K. Puram, Delhi Air Pollution: Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI)
Current Max
PM10 AQI 100 373
O3 AQI 40 109
NO2 AQI 33 84
SO2 AQI 3 24


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